Sit Down & Write Something

Sit Down & Write Something

Are you too busy to keep your website updated? Has it been months since your last post? Stop procrastinating and write something.

I know where you’re coming from. If you have a look at the Hyphen Studio blog you’ll see a gap in articles spanning over 4 months. My fix for this is that I need to sit down and write at least one “5 minute post” each week.

Why do I need to do this? There are really 3 different reasons behind the need for this:

  1. I want to keep my site visitors informed and entertained. The longer I can keep them on the site the greater the possibility they will remember me and keep coming back for more
  2. I want to share with my followers. There is nothing worse than finding a site or blog writer that you actually enjoy reading only to find out they post articles very sporadically.
  3. Content is still king. I know that some of you are going to say that there are so many other factors that tie in to SEO – and you’re right there are hundreds of different ranking points that Google takes under consideration when ranking a website but, although content is still what it all boils down to.

Please follow my lead – sit down this week and write something. Post it to your blog, post it to Facebook, add it to your LinkedIn profile. Just get it done. Let me know what you’ve posted by commenting below and include a link to your article.