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About hyphen

Hyphen isn’t a large studio with sales staff, designers, an unlimited budget for marketing – we’re just like you, a small Lethbridge business just looking to help our clients.
My name is Mike and I’m the owner, designer and client manager – along with most of the other hats a business owner has to wear.

A Few Things We’re Good At


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A good designer doesn't follow blindly.
A good designer innovates and creates.

What Does Hyphen Do?

This is a question we get all the time – and there is one simple answer, we design things. Now for the long answer. We work with our clients to help them understand what works and what doesn’t for their brand. Let’s take a minute and talk about that word, “Brand”. There seems to be confusion around this term – some clients think their logo is their brand, others think their message is their brand, and in some ways they’re both right.
Your company’s brand can, and should, include everything related to your company that a client or employee may come in contact with. That’s a big blanket statement – we know – but it’s so true. Your message, your pens, your business cards, your logo, your tagline, your t-shirts…we don’t need to go any further. Everything that you put out there is part of your brand and at Hyphen we want to help you put the best image possible out there.

A List Of What We Do?

Okay, but these are in no particular order:

    • logos
    • business cards
    • brochures
    • flyers
    • postcards

    • icons
    • door hangers
    • social media images
    • adhesive vinyl
    • booklets

    • letterheads
    • presentation folders
    • stickers
    • envelopes
    • tear cards

    • websites
    • catalogs
    • packaging
    • and more…

We’ve designed a large number of things for an even larger number of clients. We’re extremely busy and only work with a select number of clients – contact us with your project details and we’ll let you know if we’re available to take on your project and if so we provide you with details about our pricing and processes.

Our office is full of books on design, layout and other such creative things!
We LOVE design in every possible iteration!

Design Options & Fees

Over the past 9 years we have had the opportunity to talk with a number of different business owners and the vast majority of them said nearly the same thing, “why can’t I just find an affordable designer to work with?“. We have taken this to heart and now offer a wider selection of price points and design options. Looking for a professionally designed logo but don’t have $950+ to spend? Let us source a logo online for you and edit it to your liking – this keeps your costs to a minimum and we only source from the best of the best.

We are taking this same approach to all of our services – we still offer custom design for those clients that want it and have it in their budget but we understand that not every client we meet with is going to want or need custom design work. We just want to be your source for quality design at nearly any budget! 

Logo Design

$95.00 and up

  • Template & custom options

  • All vector designs

  • Multiple file types


Web Design

$500 and up

  • Various options

  • High quality designs

  • Single page options

  • Hosting & domains available

Graphic Design

$75.00 / hour

  • Billed by the minute

  • 15 minute minimum fee

  • Inexpensive template options

  • Quick turnaround options


Variable / piece

  • Great assortment of products

  • Small quantity availability

  • Various finishing options

  • Drop shipping available

Not every company has a huge budget!
Our goal is to make good design available to everyone.

Our Work

It’s about creating something that appeals to the masses. Something that you can feel proud to hand out, display or send a client to for more information. We create with both you, our client, and your client in mind so that all involved parties are pleased with the final product.
That’s enough talk though – have a look below at some examples of our latest work. We have included a few different pieces to cover the various design disciplines that we have experience in. If you see something you like give us a call and we’d be more than happy to meet with you and discuss how we can make your company look as good as these clients.

Click on any tab below to see projects from any of the various portfolios.
Hover over any image and click on the Magnifying Glass Icon Magnifying Glass Icon or click on the Link Icon Magnifying Glass Icon to see additional details.

We add new work on a weekly basis!

Please check back often.

Great design isn't about the product it's about the emotion it evokes


It’s not always about selling something! Something you’ll find most companies won’t say to you. Each week we post a new article that either educates, informs or entertains – topics vary from Adobe design tool tutorials to which web host you should be considering. Check back often as sometimes we’ll even post about a great website, tool or other miscellaneous information we’ve found useful that we feel you might like as well. New posts guaranteed every Thursday.

Sit Down & Write Something

Sit Down & Write Something

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